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Songdo Central Park

   With its woodlands, lakes, and lawns, the Central Park is a beautiful patch of nature in an urban landscape. Enjoy jogging and biking in the Central Park in accordance with an instructional map and get a breath of fresh air.

NC cube

   The Canal Walk is a luxury premium outlets shopping mall.

Square 1

   The largest complex shopping mall in Incheon.

Tri bowl

   Tri-Bowl is a multi-purpose, integrated cultural arts space including an arena shaped performance space, education about culture and art as well as exhibits.

Compact-smart city

   he city contains a huge miniature that showcases Incheon and helps visitors to comprehend the vision of Incheon.

Songdo convensia

   It has an experience high-end system and advanced construction methods were used in its design.

Sorae pogu

   Fish market nearby sea, Restaurants

China town

   China town has the only uniquely Chinese streets in Korea.


    World beer festival, Incheon Firework Festival, WILFE(We are In Love FEstival), Icnheon pentaport rock festival, Korean wave festival